We know radio! We've been creating solutions for radio and fixed install for over 15 years now. Let us help you to create a userfriendly system.



Our clients run more than 40 different TV and radio channels. As things get more and more complex, we make things easier with automation



Broadcast is a 24/7 business, so we are too. We help our clients to get on air and stay there! We know continuity and we're here to keep things running.

As independent engineers we provide operational and project management services to international media brands, such as Fox International Channels,Nostalgie What a Feeling, Mediahuis (de Buren), etc,....


We design and execute complex radio and audio distribution systems and make sure they keep running. We are experienced in advanced media planning, regional opt-out planning systems for advertising on both television and radio.


We're your best partner in optimalisation of operational procedures and launching new media businesses.

We're ready to manage your Projects!


Broadcast Architect

PB-IT Bvba

Edgard Tinelstraat 16

9160 Lokeren